Massive Stones from Temple Mount Destruction in Jerusalem
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Use these links to search for additional information that helps make Jesus' world visually present, by bringing to life colorful details and everyday sights from the Second Temple Period. For example, Ritmeyer Archaeological Design shows photos and reconstructed images, including Jerusalem's "Burnt House" -- charred remains of an Old City home, found untouched since the Roman destruction in 70 AD (2/8/12), the Antonia Fortress (1/21/15), and "what appears to be Herodian pavement on the Temple Mount" (2/20/15). The blog features pictures and detailed descriptions of the Holy Land and its culture, including a city gate (4/11/13), which the author calls a biblical version of our modern-day mall. William Schlegel, a resident professor in Israel, has posted a series of free online videos of the Holy Land -- based on his book, The Satellite Bible Atlas, as well as amazing aerial photography -- at

RESOURCE NOTE: A free download of Glo, the interactive Bible, is available at The website description states that "Glo brings the Bible to life with HD video and documentaries, high-resolution images, historical animations, zoomable maps, 360-degree virtual tours and much more."

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